A Homeowner’s Concern: Dealing with Blocked Drains in Crawley Homes the Right Way

Back in November 2012, the Hartford Courant received a query about surefire ways to tell whether a main line sewer needs to be cleaned. Angie Hicks of renowned consumer review site Angie’s List happily obliged with some great answers. Hicks writes that homeowners should watch out for such red flags as water backing out of a drain or toilet, slow draining, gurgling sounds from the drains, or the smell of raw sewage emanating from the drains, which should be rather hard to ignore.

Hicks explains that a clogged main line sewer can affect all the plumbing fixtures in a home, which means that any time a homeowner turns on a faucet or uses the shower, the chances of a sewer backup increase. Meanwhile, clogged secondary lines can be just as problematic. Homeowners are thus advised to deal with blocked drains in Crawley without any delay to prevent matters from worsening.

Hicks adds that drains may get clogged for various reasons, but primarily due to poor waste disposal habits. Some people, for example, indiscriminately flush paper towels or personal care products like tampons and sanitary napkins down the toilet. If you’re guilty of such a beastly habit, you might have to contact a reputable plumbing company for professional drain clearing in Crawley sooner than you have to.

Blocked drains are certainly not confined to the loo, but are also experienced in kitchens. If you ever feel tempted to dispose of food items in the kitchen sink, think twice and instead discard them properly in the trash bin, unless your sink drain is equipped with a mechanized food waste disposal unit. The longer you continue with such bad habits, the more likely your drain and sewer lines are to get clogged. In any case, you might want to contact skilled plumbing specialists like Drips & Drains Plumbing & Drainage Services for any drain clearing concerns.

Hicks further stresses that any problem related to the water lines must be dealt with professionally. While blocked drains can occasionally be cleared with minimal intrusion, you’ll certainly need the help of experienced plumbers like the ones from Drips & Drains Plumbing & Drainage Services for severe drain blockages. You’re liable to make matters worse if you attempt to unstop a clogged drain when you neither possess the necessary skill or equipment for the task.

Household drains are designed to carry household waste to a public sewer, which is why you’ll want to keep them clog-free at all times. To prevent raw sewage from backing up and causing a great deal of damage, keep these warnings signs in mind and know when to contact a qualified plumber.

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I contacted Mr Peters after reading his feedback on Checkatrade. He explained there would be a set price for clearing the drain even it took 5 minutes or 5 hours. I thought this was a good option to choose so I knew exactly what charge to expect. After making the phone call, Mr Peters arrived on time, diagnosed and resolved the problem and I was happy with his service. I would definately use him again.

Customer in Lewes, 7 November 2011

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