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Oct 27, 2018

Blocked Sink in Crawley?

Do you have a blocked sink in Crawley?

Whilst most homeowners never expect it, a blockage to your drain, toilet or blocked sink can happen at any time and is often a major headache, an inconvenience and a costly hassle you just didn’t need.

At its worst a domestic blocked drain can overflow, spilling dirt and waste into your garden, your neighbour’s gardens or even into the street, causing not only an embarrassing smell but a major health and safety risk, particularly to children who might be playing nearby. Equally, within your house a blocked sink and or toilet that overflows when flushed, can spew waste all over the bathroom, causing both a hazard and major damage to the floor.

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Blocked Sink Crawley

But help is at hand, because there are some simple rules you can follow which can significantly reduce the risk of a blockage occurring. Follow these simple guides:

1) Don’t put fat, oil or food down your sink or it will block the sink. Use kitchen paper towels to mop-up fats and oils from your cooking utensils and dispose in the bin. Then use plenty of detergent and hot water on your kitchen utensils. Emptying fat and food down the sink causes a build up over time, coating the pipes making the diameter of the pipes much smaller, therefore causing a blockage.

2) Do not dispose of fat or grease, waste oil, paint, and cement washings etc into your sink or drain. These and similar materials should be disposed of at your local waste disposal site.

Never put the following down the toilet:

  • Nappies
  • Incontinence pads
  • Face wipes
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Sanitary Items
  • Bubble Gum
  • Sweet Wrappers
  • DIY Rubble

3) Keep small items such as air fresheners, jewelry, combs, children’s toys and make up away from the toilet to avoid the items falling into it.

4) Do not plant trees or shrubs close to your drains as roots will enter the drains at pipe joints and will eventually cause major damage.

5) Use strainers in plugholes to avoid blockages from hair and broken soap, empty when full.

If you do need contact a local drainage company, look in the Yellow Pages or online for a list of reputable drainage companies. Choose a supplier that has the CHAS, Construction Line and Safe Contractor accreditation’s, whose quality standards have been checked and approved. Ask your supplier for details of work they have done in your area and ideally the details of a previous customer who you can speak to verify the quality of their workmanship.

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Sep 10, 2013

A Homeowner’s Concern: Dealing with Blocked Drains in Crawley Homes the Right Way

Back in November 2012, the Hartford Courant received a query about surefire ways to tell whether a main line sewer needs to be cleaned. Angie Hicks of renowned consumer review site Angie’s List happily obliged with some great answers. Hicks writes that homeowners should watch out for such red flags as water backing out of a drain or toilet, slow draining, gurgling sounds from the drains, or the smell of raw sewage emanating from the drains, which should be rather hard to ignore.

Hicks explains that a clogged main line sewer can affect all the plumbing fixtures in a home, which means that any time a homeowner turns on a faucet or uses the shower, the chances of a sewer backup increase. Meanwhile, clogged secondary lines can be just as problematic. Homeowners are thus advised to deal with blocked drains in Crawley without any delay to prevent matters from worsening.

Hicks adds that drains may get clogged for various reasons, but primarily due to poor waste disposal habits. Some people, for example, indiscriminately flush paper towels or personal care products like tampons and sanitary napkins down the toilet. If you’re guilty of such a beastly habit, you might have to contact a reputable plumbing company for professional drain clearing in Crawley sooner than you have to.

Blocked drains are certainly not confined to the loo, but are also experienced in kitchens. If you ever feel tempted to dispose of food items in the kitchen sink, think twice and instead discard them properly in the trash bin, unless your sink drain is equipped with a mechanized food waste disposal unit. The longer you continue with such bad habits, the more likely your drain and sewer lines are to get clogged. In any case, you might want to contact skilled plumbing specialists like Drips & Drains Plumbing & Drainage Services for any drain clearing concerns.

Hicks further stresses that any problem related to the water lines must be dealt with professionally. While blocked drains can occasionally be cleared with minimal intrusion, you’ll certainly need the help of experienced plumbers like the ones from Drips & Drains Plumbing & Drainage Services for severe drain blockages. You’re liable to make matters worse if you attempt to unstop a clogged drain when you neither possess the necessary skill or equipment for the task.

Household drains are designed to carry household waste to a public sewer, which is why you’ll want to keep them clog-free at all times. To prevent raw sewage from backing up and causing a great deal of damage, keep these warnings signs in mind and know when to contact a qualified plumber.

Jun 22, 2013

Blocked Sewer Drain

Blocked Sewer Drain
Blocked sewer drain cleared fast for a fixed price.

For 24 hour emergency plumbing service for  blocked sewer drains please  call  Robert Gunstone 07939 614003.

When it comes to blocked Sewer drains you are better off leaving it to professionals, the amount of times we have turned up to jobs that should have been simple drain clearance’s jobs and the customer has made things a lot worse, like sections of drain rods or end attachments stuck in the drain or pouring neat caustic soda crystals down the plug hole that has then crystallized into a solid mass in waste traps and pipes some of which were inaccessible.

If you our looking for a professional drainage company that has the knowledge and tools and the person you speak to on the phone is the person that turns up to your property, then please give Robert or Chris a call we also provide a plumbing services as we are both plumbers.

We are always just at the other end of the phone if you wish to discuss  any drainage problems you may have with us.

Thank you for reading our details

Chris  Robert

Find out more about Blocked Sewer Drains Crawley

Jun 20, 2013

Blocked Toilets

blocked drains

Blocked Toilets cleared for a fixed price by Robert Gunstone 07939 614003 .

Why would you want to pay another drainage company an hourly/half hourly rate?

Hello we are a two man operation and unblock blocked toilets for a fixed price, I (Chris) have over 24 years experience in plumbing & drainage and Robert has over 35 years experience (old timer Lol  sorry Rob) and we are well experienced in clearing blocked toilets ,not like some of the drainage company’s that send an operative that has not got a clue armed  with a set of drain rods and a bottle of acid.

With all the experience we have had  over the years of toilet unblocking ,we have learned  and developed lots of little tricks for clearing blocked toilets that have very limited access to pipes and manhole covers and are assisted with various drain clearing tools like electric sani sanke ( a drill with a wire that feeds through pipes)  High pressure water Jetting  ( which Feeds a rubber hose through drains which has running water pumped through it to hit the blockage full on) also an air ram ( The ram is a tool that has air pumped by hand into a vessel that  has a trigger so we can inject compressed air into pipes and blocked toilets) we also have various other tools.

I hope the above information gives you a good idea that we are professional and have the right tools for the job.

Thank you for reading our details

Best Regards

 Robert 07939 614003

Blocked Toilets





Jun 19, 2013

Unblocking Drains

Unblocking Drains

Unblocking drains carried out for a fixed price By Robert Gunstone 07939 614003 when it comes to unblocking drains we offer a fixed price for clearing your blocked drain so you don’t have to worry about any of our charges because you are given the price over the phone before we even arrive,we are a two man band and have over 59 years experience and knowledge between us and assisted by our fixed price and the right tools for the job,and the service we provide believe we have the perfect solution for your blocked drain to be cleared Fast.

We both enjoy our job and both have a good rapour with our customers and keep them well  informed on what we are doing and any findings that we believe could have caused the blockage and also give good preventative advise going the extra mile for good customers service,please watch the video on our home page to get a better gauge on us.

If you are thinking of trying to unblock your own drains, please be very careful when using drains rods as we have been to numerous amounts of customers who have lost part of sections of rods and attachments down the drain which turned a simple job into a more costly experience,but to be honest at our fixed rate is it worth even trying and getting Smelly.

Thank you for reading our details

Best Regards

Robert Gunstone 07939 614003

Unblocking Drains

May 30, 2013

Blocked drains

blocked drainsBlocked drains are one of the most common problems in any household.

Whether it’s a sink, basin or toilet, drains get blocked every day and cause a lot of headaches. Pouring bleach down the sink works to a certain extent, but after a while something has to be done to unblock it. And if you’re in charge of a public building like a school or then the drains are probably going to need a whole lot more than just bleach.

The best piece of advice when dealing with blocked drains is: don’t try and unblock it yourself. Drainage services companies often find that when they are called out, they have to deal with a much worse problem than it the customer hadn’t tampered with the drain themselves. Rather than just dealing with the blocked drain, they suddenly find themselves confronted with a blocked and damaged drain, creating much more work. This is not only frustrating for the drain clearance company, but ends up costing the client much more.

There are two principle methods used by drain clearance companies to clear blocked drains. The first is manual rodding. Manual rodding is pretty much what you think it is: using a long metal rod to manually clear any debris blocking the drain. It is useful where there isn’t much space, but amateur attempts at doing this are one of the biggest causes of drain damage. It may sound like a spectacularly simple methodology, but it is a lot more involved than one might assume.

The second, far more exciting technique is that of high pressure jetting. Again, the moniker given the technique makes an explanation almost redundant. However, it is worth noting that high pressure water jetting is so effective that it is also used for a number of other applications, such as cleaning gum of pavements and car parks. When there is enough space to properly utilise it, high pressure jetting is the most effective way of clearing blocked drains, as it also cleans residue from the side of the drain that could otherwise eventually build up into a blockage.

As such, high pressure jetting is a technique that is sometimes used pre-emptively to prevent blockages, rather than waiting for the drain to get blocked at all. This is particularly useful for large public buildings where a blocked drain could easily spell disaster and lost working time.

Blocked drains can be an enormous headache. The best thing you can do to avoid further headaches in the future, is call a professional.

Watch this video

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May 30, 2013

Emergency 24 Hour Plumbing Services

flooding, water damage

Plumbing emergencies can occur without warning.

If the situation is truly not an emergency, it would be better for you to schedule a plumbing service call during regular calling hours as emergency rates are usually priced higher than normal plumbing maintenance rates.

A word of caution: If you have natural gas or propane and you smell gas in the house, shut off the main valve (where the gas comes into the house) and call for service immediately!

These are the five major causes of a plumbing emergency. Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips you can try before calling for service after hours.

No Heat?

1.) Check the thermostat. Is it off or turned down?

2.) Check the burner switch. Usually located near your furnace, it looks like a light switch with a red switch plate. Sometimes this gets turned off by mistake.

3.) Check your oil tank. Are you out of oil?

4.) Check the burner reset button. Oil furnaces have a red colored reset button on the burner itself. Push to reset. If it trips again, call for service.

5.) Check the circuit breaker panel. Reset tripped breaker only once. If it trips again, call for service.

No Water?

1.) Check the pump circuit breaker in house panel. Reset once. If it trips again, you can typically wait until morning to schedule a service call.

2.) Check the pressure tank gauge.

3.) Check your checkbook! Did you pay your water bill?

No Hot Water?

1.) Check all hot water fixtures in the house.

2.) Check the circuit breaker in house panel.

If you have an electric hot water tank, reset breaker. If it trips again, do not reset. Call for service. If you have a tankless coil water heater, and you heat with oil, follow steps for “no heat.” If you have a gas hot water tank, do not reset breaker or re-light pilot. Shut off gas valve and call for service immediately.

Leaking Pipe?

1.) Shut off main water valve, or gate valve to that broken pipe.

2.) Call for plumbing repair.

Emergency Plumber

Note: A broken pipe does not necessarily require 24-hour emergency service. However, once an area becomes saturated behind sheet rock or carpeting gets soaked, mold can set in within 36 hours. Some plumbers provide emergency water extraction services, as well as mold remediation and restoration. Do not ignore a leaking pipe until you can get around to fixing it. It can create a much bigger problem the longer you wait!

Clogged Drain?

1.) Identify the source of the clog. You can find the source by running water in other sinks in the house. If all drains back up, then the source of the clog is in the soil pipe itself. Call for service to root it out. If it’s the toilet, plunge it. If it’s only one sink drain, check underneath for a clean out trap. You can unscrew the plug at the bottom and pull out the clog.

2.) If all drains are clogged, or you are unable to unclog the trap yourself, call for plumbing service. Do not use liquid plumber or similar products.

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Emergency 24 Hour Plumbing Services 

May 30, 2013

Bathroom Installers

Professional plumber. bathroom fittingKitchens and Bathroom refurbishments are 2 of the most popular home improvement projects. Estate agents claim that these 2 improvements represent the greatest return on investment when its time to sell and move on.

We, as proud homeowners spend a lot of time in our kitchens and bathrooms. Consequently bathroom fitters have many design and installation ideas covering this important area of your home. Whether you want a complete kitchen or bath remodel or you’re simply looking for new cabinet hardware and countertops, these contractors can add considerable value to your home and your quality of life.

Dealing with your Kitchen and Bathroom installers

Before you contact a reputable kitchen or bathroom fitter have some budget plan decided. Together with your contractor you can discuss design and installation options that fall within your budget.

Its important to adhere to the budget as the variation in specification and prices for Kitchens and bathrooms are as diverse as houses themselves A reputable contractor will give impartial advice generally as well as being able to discuss in great detail design and installation issues.

Kitchen and Bathroom specialist or general builders?

Should you choose a dedicated bathroom or kitchen fitter or a general building team? The issue here is that the range of trade skills involved in refurbishing a kitchen or bathroom invariably involves carpentry, electrical, plastering, tiling, plumbing and decorating skills among others. So bearing this in mind, general builders are very suitable to this type of project and work in other areas of home improvement.

How to Find a tradesmen for your kitchen or bathroom project.

Take the time to review tradesmen reviews and ratings and meet the tradesmen before you make your choice. A little care taken at this time will pay dividends and reduce the possibility of you experiencing contractor problems. Decide on a specification and timescale and draw up a works contract with terms agreed between yourself and your contractor that you are comfortable with.


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May 30, 2013

Central Heating Installation

Emergency 24 hour Plumbing services

It is fair to say that the cost of central heating installation will vary depending on the size of home you have. Naturally, a small bungalow will cost less than a mansion when installing central heating, but the important thing to remember is that the cost heavily depends on the choice of boiler you opt for. There are many different options out there and the type of cover you opt for is also a long-term factor worth budgeting in for. This works like a graded system – the higher the grade of cover you have, the more attention the central heating supplier will pay to you!

Central Heating Installation- It’s Worth Spending The Money

Most people in the UK have made that switch to central heating but there are still those that are considering it and don’t really know where to start. You have to get the gas connected to start with, so make sure that is an available option to you. In addition to this, you will need to get quotes from suppliers and weigh them all up. It is advisable that you don’t rush into something like this, and be aware that prices do vary from each supplier. The cheapest isn’t always the best and many people who go straight for the cheap quote end up regretting their final decision. This could be due to poor service and messy installation. It is recommended that you go for a middle of the range quote. It may seem like a lot of money but it is worth it in the end. The central heating installation is a core part of your home life and you want it to work properly. With the general dangers associated with gas it is not worth running the risk of having a bad experience with the installation of central heating.

Planning Is The Key To Budgeting

If you do choose a middle of the range quote then this will vary depending on what you want and the size of your home. You’re probably looking into the thousands but this is a minimal cost when you consider the long-term benefits and protection that central heating brings. This is most definitely the modern way of heating a home and it is worth spending a bit of cash on. Make sure you budget in for other bits too, not just the central heating installation cost. If you have just moved into a shell of a house you might need the gas connecting up for a start. There’s also things worth considering like how many radiators do you need. Not every room might need one, but the bedrooms, lounge and kitchen are essential places for radiators. Many people can’t live without one in a bathroom either, and there’s nothing cosier than coming out of a bath on a cold winter day and picking up your towel that has been warming on the radiator.

So, the best advice is to plan when looking at central heating installation costs – make a list of what you want and the level of cover you expect from your heating supplier. Then you can budget accordingly.

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Chris was very friendly, prompt and did a great job. I would use him again and would definitely recommend him to others. Thanks Chris and thanks to CheckaTrade there are so many rogue traders out there its good to be able to find someone that you can trust and rely on.

Customer in Horsham, 1 October 2011

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